Manipulation vs Adjustment

What’s the difference between a Manipulation and an Adjustment? Are all adjustments the same? Is there a difference between spinal manipulation and structural/postural improvement? Mobilizing the joints of the spine is a practice most chiropractors, some physical therapists and a few osteopaths use to alleviate patients’ pain and enhance their range of motion. This care …

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The Posture – Depression Link

You can often tell someone is depressed just by looking at body language. A depressed person will likely hold the head forward and facing down; the upper back and shoulders will be rounded in. Over time, a depressed person’s spine will deform, bend and fail under the lack of muscle contraction and due to the …

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Is The Cause of Disease Chemical or Mech

Is The Cause of Disease Chemical or Mechanical? The body’s chemical functioning is controlled by the nervous system. That system is housed and protected by the movable bones of the spine. Many health issues that are chemical in nature can therefore be positively impacted by an improvement in nervous system functioning. To improve nervous system …

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DR. REGINA STUDWELL (College Professor, Retired): “Many people do not know where to go when they are hurting. Should I go to my GP ? or to an Internist? Surgeon? Physical Therapist? How can I decide? Well, hold on! You missed one. Perhaps, you didn’t know there is a doctor close by that can give …

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What does posture have to do with health

What does posture have to do with health? Everything! Yet hardly anyone is talking about it. It seems as though over the last century, healthcare primarily consists of the following: diagnosing a symptom/condition, and adding a chemical to your body (medicine with side effects), which temporarily squashes that symptom.  Messing around with body chemistry is …

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Good Health is True Freedom

Good Health is True Freedom Photo by Zac Durant Unsplash

In order to truly be free, we need to be healthy, both spiritually and physically. If physical health is lost, spiritual health can suffer. A person who has lost health spends all time and resources trying to regain it. This limits one’s ability to focus on spirituality, or anything else for that matter. A person’s …

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