The New Celebrity Workout That’s Shaking Tucker Up

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Quick! What do Madonna, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Courtney Cox, Brooke Shields and Mark Wahlberg all have in common?

No, it’s not that they look absolutely amazing and are incredibly successful in their careers… It’s their workout regimen.

Celebrities are constantly being exposed to the newest and hottest fitness crazes (as well as diets – I can barely keep count as to how many diet systems I’ve seen endorsed by celebrities) as soon as they are released. However, and fortunately, the Power Plate has been an on-going fitness trend for the past few years and has now landed in Tucker at Complete Spine Solutions.

The Power Plate was originally created as a method of training for astronauts to increase their overall strength and bone density through vibration therapy and acceleration.

As the plate vibrates 30-40 times per second for a duration of 30, 45 or 60 seconds, muscles contract along with them to help the body stabilize resulting in a more effective and bone density building workout as the user executes the exercises. Through research and through the success of the astronauts’ ability to sustain longer periods of time in a zero gravity environment without a significant decrease in their bone density, this then began to beg the question, “who else and what other exercises can we do?” From that question alone the Power Plate fitness craze began to evolve.

Vibration acceleration therapy not only increases bone density but it also builds muscle stamina and decreases fatigue and recovery time. Celebrities who utilize it religiously note they have greater endurance when participating in high intensity training. Madonna, who has been training on the Power Plate for quite a few years, is a 52-year-old mother/performer without an ounce of cellulite, which she credits to not only just a strict diet and fitness regimen but to weekly sessions on the Power Plate. So you’re probably wondering why CSS Chiropractic? And why Tucker? Because at CSS, the focus is completely on improving the overall health of patients for their entire life, not only just while completing treatment or corrective care but also to sustain overall health and vitality.

Also, CSS is home to the Ideal Protein diet, and Power Plate coordinates alongside the diet to help reduce cellulite and improve skin elasticity through bone density and muscle resistance training.

And the best part? A 15 to 20 minute Power Plate is equivalent to 45 to 60 minutes spent at the gym. Seriously. For more information or to book your first Power Plate, session call 770-938-4606! CSS can’t wait for you to shake things up this summer!

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