The Addiction That’s Taking Over Tucker (And The Rest of the Country)

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This week’s blog post is written by Bridget, our nutrition and Ideal Protein weight loss coach here at CSS!

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The Addiction That’s Taking Over Tucker
(And well…the rest of the country, too)

Cookies, cakes, donuts, sugary muffins and ice cream (oh my!) ..and it all sounds delicious doesn’t it? In fact, even post lunch at the infamous Tin Lizzy’s Cantina in Buckhead, I can feel my mouth begin to salivate in (false) anticipation of the sugary carbohydrate laden goodness’s just from reading the above sentence. (Yes, even in spite of my recent consumption of a sinless margarita and ample amounts of chips and guacamole, I could go for a round (or two) of dessert…isn’t that terrible?)

Thankfully though I’ve never been the one to go back for seconds and funny enough, my livelihood is educating the community on the benefits of eating a healthy diet as the weight loss and nutrition coach at CSS & Rehab right here in Tucker, Georgia. Daily, I help those lose weight through  the Ideal Protein system as well as counsel them on their day-to-day food choices, conduct their weekly weigh-ins and basically just help them live their best life whether they need to maintain their current weight, lose 5 lbs, lose 10 lbs or complete a total body transformation.

Yet, recently, I came across some research that stopped me (and my current eating habits) dead in my tracks. While perusing around Yahoo, AOL and MSN during my typical afternoon routine of sipping coffee to get me through the 3 o’clock slump, I came across an article featured on, an online lifestyle magazine, conveying a recent study of the dangers of carbohydrates and more so the statement that carbohydrates have been scientifically proven to be more addictive than cocaine.

Yeah, excuse me, but what? An addiction to carbohydrates? An addiction that is stronger than cocaine? I nearly fell out of my chair. I’m not a carb-a-holic by any means but I do enjoy my sweet treats here and there and as stated above, I have a weakness for tortilla chips and guacamole (which if you can resist those, please call me and teach me your ways!) But addiction? No way. I’m not addicted nor have I met (not even my clients) anyone with a definte carb addiction. Or well, not that I know of…right?

However, as I read through the research, the proof really is in the carb-free, sugar-free pudding.  The revealing experiment conducted by the University of Bordeaux in France analyzed laboratory rats and their behaviors towards a sweetener in comparison to intravenously injected cocaine. When these rats were given the choice between the two after being given both, 94 percent chose the sweetener over the cocaine the second time around.

And even more chilling? The horrific cycle that the constant consumption of carbohydrates can wreak on your digestive system, your metabolism and even your emotional well-being. The following excerpt from the article quickly summarizes the never-ending cycle of the overconsumption of carbs;

“But a carbohydrate addiction is potentially more destructive than an 8-ball-a-day habit, because it hijacks your metabolism. If you eat a low-carb diet, you are able to remain satiated between meals, because the body will burn its fat stores. But eating carbs, especially refined varieties like sugar or flour, sweetened drinks, or starches, causes the body to release the hormone insulin. The body secretes insulin as a response to high blood sugar—a serious, even potentially lethal health risk over time. The hormone directs cells to extract sugar from the blood and store it as fat, and what’s worse, in order to get sugar out of the blood as efficiently as possible, insulin makes it extremely difficult for the body to burn its fat stores. Over time, the presence of insulin in our carb-heavy diet causes diminishing returns. As our cells become resistant to the effects of insulin, our bodies frequently release even more of it to compensate. The result is a blood-sugar vacuum: The body craves more of what the hormone feeds on and triggers our hunger mechanism, which works subconsciously, to direct us toward the nutrient causing all the problems in the first place—carbohydrates. You get fatter and your body craves even more carbs in order to maintain your increasing weight. Drug cartels can only dream of a narcotic with an addiction cycle this powerful.”


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Never did I think I’d be comparing carbohydrates to cocaine but the release of this research really has me thinking, questioning and educating my dieters and clients on the importance of nutritional balance. Not to say I won’t ever indulge in a piece of cake again but I will definitely be thinking twice about chips and guacamole habit!

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