Manipulation vs Adjustment

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What’s the difference between a Manipulation and an Adjustment?

Are all adjustments the same?

Is there a difference between spinal manipulation and structural/postural improvement?

Mobilizing the joints of the spine is a practice most chiropractors, some physical therapists and a few osteopaths use to alleviate patients’ pain and enhance their range of motion. This care can be effective for short-term pain relief.

Research has proven that the source of a person’s pain can often be traced back to poor spinal position/structure. Although spinal manipulation may provide temporary relief, it is not a long-term or lasting solution to the existing health problem.

Therefore, in addition to mobilizing, we work to biomechanically and permanently improve posture/spinal structure if it deviates significantly from the norm, creating long-term pain relief and long-term enhancement of overall body functioning.

The impact of spinal structural improvement is far-reaching:

  • Halting/slowing spinal degeneration/arthritis
  • Less mechanical stress on internal organs
  • Better range of motion
  • Increased energy and overall health
  • Ability to do things again that you thought were lost forever!

Ask a trusted chiropractor in Tucker, GA if the spinal structural improvement is right for you to achieve optimal health and wellness.

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