Importance of Addressing Pain: Why Ignoring Pain is Similar to Ignoring Your Car’s Oil Light – How a Chiropractor Can Help

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The oil light in your car is a small warning sign that should not be ignored. It lets you know that your car’s oil levels are running low and need to be checked. If you neglect this warning and keep driving, your engine could suffer serious damage. That’s why most people take this warning seriously and get their oil checked as soon as possible. But what about the warning signs that our bodies give us?

What is Pain?

Pain is our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. It’s similar to the oil light in your car. When you experience pain, it’s important to take it seriously and get it checked out as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many people choose to ignore pain or take pain medications to mask the symptoms. While this may provide temporary relief, it doesn’t address the root cause of the problem.

Ignoring pain can have serious consequences. It can make it easier to ignore the underlying issue and potentially cause further harm. Imagine if someone covered up the oil light in their car with duct tape and kept driving. Most people would consider this to be dangerous and irresponsible. Yet, when it comes to our response to pain in our own bodies, many of us do something equally irresponsible.

I recently spoke with a utility repair man who came to fix my internet router. He told me about his wife who suffers from debilitating fibromyalgia. She takes strong pain medications every day. While the medications may provide temporary relief, they don’t address the root cause of her pain. We need to start asking the question: What is CAUSING the pain, and HOW can I get rid of it for good?

What should you do when you experience pain? 

Just like you would with your car’s oil light, it’s important to quickly get to the root cause of the problem. A proper spinal biomechanical evaluation can help determine the cause of your pain and identify the most appropriate treatment. By targeting the underlying illness with natural treatment methods, you can promote long-term healing and find relief from various symptoms.


One of the most effective ways to address pain is by seeking the help of a chiropractor. A chiropractor is a healthcare professional who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine.

During a chiropractic visit, a proper spinal biomechanical evaluation will be performed to determine the cause of your pain. The evaluation includes a thorough examination of your spine, joints, muscles, and nervous system to identify any misalignments or abnormalities. The chiropractor will then create a customized chiropractic treatment plan that targets the root cause of your pain.

The treatment methods used by chiropractors are natural and non-invasive. They focus on promoting long-term healing and finding relief from various symptoms. Chiropractic treatment methods include spinal adjustments, soft tissue therapy, exercise, and lifestyle counselling. These methods are safe, highly effective, and have little to no side effects, making them an excellent alternative to traditional medical treatments.

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In conclusion

Just as you wouldn’t cover up the oil light in your car and keep driving, it’s important to address pain and other health issues in a timely and responsible manner. By identifying and addressing the root cause of health issues, you can find relief from various symptoms and promote long-term healing. 
At Complete Spine Solutions, we are very unique and different from most other chiropractors. We utilize a highly researched and proven protocol for spinal correction to help our patients get back on track to living their best lives.

This specialized technique helps the patient quickly get well in the short-term, and keeps them well in the long term, because we have made permanent improvements to the spinal structure, naturally, without surgery. Structure affects Function. By working on a wellness lifestyle that includes addressing the root cause of pain and other health issues, we can help our patients achieve their health and wellness goals. It’s important to understand that our bodies give us warning signs for a reason, and it’s our responsibility to listen and take action.

About the Author

Dr. David A. Shapiro
Dr. David Shapiro, DC, CEO of Complete Spine Solutions

A graduate of Life University, School of Chiropractic 1993 (4600 postgraduate hours). Board certified licensed Doctor of Chiropractic. Passed 3 national board tests and the state of Georgia board examination. Also certified in therapeutic modalities.

Advanced Certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics, the most evidence-based technique in chiropractic. He’s been in private practice for over 25 years.

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