DR. REGINA STUDWELL (College Professor,

DR. REGINA STUDWELL (College Professor, Retired):
“Many people do not know where to go when they are hurting. Should I go to my GP ? or to an Internist? Surgeon? Physical Therapist? How can I decide? Well, hold on! You missed one. Perhaps, you didn’t know there is a doctor close by that can give you relief from pain, stress, and anxiety. I know I didn’t know. But, now I do and I want to share with you. My son was a patient of Dr. Shapiro at his office on Brockett Rd. in Tucker, Ga. He recommended I go there to address many physical issues that were plaguing me. Dr. Shapiro and his staff are beautifully skilled in Chiropractic and the art of swift, natural pain relief, as well as in improvement of the structure of the spine. I am so glad and proud to announce to you how well I feel now and how eager I am to attend my treatments. I look better, I feel better, I stand better, I walk better, and the stress that was written all over my face is gone. Do yourself a favor and look no further for relief. You’ll be glad you did.
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