What does posture have to do with health

What does posture have to do with health? Everything! Yet hardly anyone is talking about it. It seems as though over the last century, healthcare primarily consists of the following: diagnosing a symptom/condition, and adding a chemical to your body (medicine with side effects), which temporarily squashes that symptom. 

Messing around with body chemistry is a slippery slope, fraught with side effects, addiction, dependency and even death (see any ad for any drug on TV or in a magazine). What if there were a “silver bullet” for many of today’s health problems, that would, across the board, improve most aspects of your health? I’m not talking about just addressing the symptoms, but truly getting your body into a state of better health. 

A simple examination will tell us whether or not your posture/spinal structure is in approximately the right position. If not, and you’re ready to change your overall health, we can help. This can’t completely rule out a body chemistry issue, but it is the safest place to start. So if you’re tired of just adding chemicals to your body, consider having us analyze your posture/spinal structure. You will be amazed at the way your body responds!

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  1. Many people do not know where to go when they are hurting. Should I go to my GP ? or to an Internist? Surgeon? Physical Therapist? How can I decide? Well, hold on! You missed one. Perhaps, you didn’t know there is a doctor close by that can give you relief from pain, stress, and anxiety. I know I didn’t know. But, now I do and I want to share with you. My son was a patient of Dr. Shapiro at his office on Brockett Rd. in Tucker, Ga. He recommended I go there to address many physical issues that were plaguing me. Dr. Shapiro and his staff are beautifully skilled in Chiropractic and the art of swift, natural pain relief, as well as in improvement of the structure of the spine. I am so glad and proud to announce to you how well I feel now and how eager I am to attend my treatments. I look better, I feel better, I stand better, I walk better, and the stress that was written all over my face is gone. Do yourself a favor and look no further for relief. You’ll be glad you did.

    1. We are honored to be your healthcare partner in making a great improvement in your quality of life! Thank you for sharing your story to help others stop suffering. We have been proudly serving the Tucker community for 14 years; and now we are excited to announce that starting this summer, we will also be serving the intown community at our second location in Brookhaven (at the intersection of Peachtree and Dresden).

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