Tucker Chiropractic on Main St. Closes – CSS Welcomes Patients

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Tucker Chiropractic

The Closing of Tucker Chiropractic on Main St

As a chiropractor in Tucker, GA, I am saddened to hear news of Tucker Chiropractic (or any chiropractic office) closing its doors. In addition, there are not enough chiropractors in Tucker, GA or the world, to support the need.

When this happens suddenly, without notice, many folks are now without a chiropractor. As a result, the chiropractor that they used to turn to in a crisis or go to for maintenance, is no longer there for them. Consequently, whenever we change doctors for any reason, it creates stress. Therefore, we have to find another doctor. We have to try to get our records back from the prior office. It’s never an easy process.

We Hear You

At Complete Spine Solutions, we understand this. Therefore we want to make this transition as easy and painless as possible. Consequently, with each patient, we do the following:

  • Have same or next-day scheduling – We’ll get you in fast
  • Provide a great customer service experience
  • Listen to what you say
  • We accommodate the type of treatment you are used to. We will try to adjust you in a similar style and frequency that you are accustomed. If we can’t get you any better results we’ll make no changes to your treatment protocol. Furthermore, if we can get you better results than you achieved at Tucker Chiropractic (or any other prior chiropractor), we’ll let you know that as well.
  • Make it affordable to make that transition. Usually, the first visit is the most expensive. We’re going to take the bite out of that first visit expense and offer you a small $99 transfer patient special. Some restrictions apply. Through the end of April, you’ll receive a detailed evaluation with updated x-rays (if necessary) & our unique digital spine mapping analysis. This compares your spinal structure with your genetic ideal, to get the most customized and effective pain relief treatment available. All this for only $99.

Don’t wait for a crisis

Get back to the most state-of-the-art chiropractic care, right here in Tucker, GA. Finally, call 770-938-4606, email us or request an appointment online today.

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