Is Your Spine at Risk for Injury?

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What you don’t know about your spine can hurt you.

We all know that the design of the spinal column evolved to protect our spinal cord and nerves from injury. However, did you know that the shape of your spine can increase or decrease your risk of a spine injury?

Recently, our office published a case study in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science titled:

Alleviation of neck pain by the non-surgical rehabilitation of a pathologic cervical kyphosis to a normal lordosis: a CBP® case report

The Patient

The patient is a 24-year-old who “messed his neck up” dancing at a wedding. He had terrible constant neck pain and upper back pain for 3 days following. In addition, he also reported losing a lot of his normal neck range of motion, having difficulty sleeping and having a “sensitive stomach”.

Consequently, the objective tests determined that his neck was causing him 66% disability.

What Our Exam Revealed

After a detailed evaluation which included our “spine mapping” software, we determined that he had a reversal of the neck curve. In other words, his neck shifted in the opposite direction of the way it should be.

First, we treated him with CBP (Chiropractic BioPhysics) Mirror Image Adjustments, targeted neck strengthening exercises, as well as mirror Image Traction. Next, the patient received instructions on specific home traction to do. Please note, that this is not your usual traction to provide temporary relief of neck pain.


Within 2 weeks, his neck pain symptoms were 100% resolved.



Most importantly, the study reports 

“This case also supports the biomechanical literature that suggests those with cervical kyphosis (neck curve reversal) may be predisposed to spinal injury. As a result, we suggest that correcting even asymptomatic patients with obvious cervical spine deformity should be completed prior to future injury and/or degenerative changes.”

What it means

In conclusion, everyone with this condition shouldn’t have it and should seek treatment even if there are no symptoms present. Specifically, if you have a neck reversal, you may be predisposed to spinal injury. Therefore you should get treated to prevent future spine injury and/or breakdown of the spine.

What it really means

Therefore, everyone (regardless of whether or not they have any symptoms) should have their spines evaluated by X-ray for this condition. Thus, we suggest the most accurate analysis possible using our unique spine mapping software.  Ultimately, this software will compare your spine with your normal genetic data.  Then, you can and should take corrective action.

About the Author

David Shapiro, DC
Dr. David Shapiro, DC, CEO of Complete Spine Solutions

A graduate of Life University, School of Chiropractic 1993 (4600 postgraduate hours). Board certified licensed Doctor of Chiropractic. Passed 3 national board tests and the state of Georgia board examination. Also certified in therapeutic modalities.

Advanced Certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics, the most evidence-based technique in chiropractic. He’s been in private practice for over 25 years.

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