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We call this position Chiropractic Leader, however, we are looking for a practice OWNER personality who does not want the risk/headache of owning their own practice – yet is willing to work as if it is their own practice.

We are looking for long-term – someone who is looking to commit (if it’s a good fit on both sides) for a MINIMUM of 2 years. Yes we know life happens – but this is not a stepping stone position – we want someone to come in and join our Work Hard – Play Harder mindset.

We are a 2-location, multi-chiropractor practice in suburban Atlanta, looking for a Professional, Driven, Make-It-Happen Doctor of Chiropractic, who wakes up with a smile – naturally, is a positive person and enjoys life!

You will be responsible for overseeing all clinical activities of the organization, community outreach efforts, etc. Etc – means – anything else that comes up!

You must be ready to dive in on day one. You will be drinking from the “firehose” for the first 8 weeks. It is fast but if this aligns with your purpose in life, it will be tons of fun! You must work well on teams. We all work together in harmony.

You will be required to take responsibility for all clinical areas of the practice, even if you do not have experience in them. We will expect (with training and resources made available to you) to have a hunger for learning our philosophy surrounding all aspects of the practice, our values, and an untouchable level of patient care. Our patients are our family and we demand top-level service and experience for them. Consider Ritz-level customer service as our baseline.

What we need:

  • Flexibility – if you believe CHANGE to be scary or a frustrating thing, this position will cause you anxiety!
  • Forward Thinking – always thinking three steps ahead. Follow through and follow up is key. We are not hand-holders. If you need to be told what to do, this position will stress you out and will never work out.
  • Outgoing – this particular position requires a CURIOUS EXTROVERT. Walking into a room full of strangers should spark curiosity, excitement, and opportunity. If you’re the person who would rather sit back and hope someone comes and talks to you (or if you are energized by staying at home – alone – petting your cat), this position will not work out for you.
  • Unreasonable Optimism – Your energy affects everyone in the practice! If you are the type of person who sees the worst in everything, feels like the world is against you, and uses the language of ALWAYS, NEVER, NOTHING, or WHATEVER there’s a strong possibility that this position will be next to impossible for you.
  • Creativity – willingness to think outside the box and have some FUN is a must. If you prefer to have a manual, a to-do list or do the same thing every single day to be productive, this position is not for you
  • Self-Confident – Confidence is contagious! Our team and our patients must be able to trust in your abilities. If you’re someone who is content and is not willing to stretch yourself to experience the feeling of growth, you will get walked all over in this position and not enjoy it.
  • Jedi Anticipation – reacting to and prioritizing the myriad of request that can occur throughout the day is a must. If uncertainty causes you to be uncomfortable, rest assure this position is not for you.
  • Keen Emotional Intelligence & Steadfast Composure – you will be dealing with people from every walk of life and must be able to maintain a high level of professional composure at all times. If being vulnerable, compassionate, and appreciating people takes effort on your end, this position will exhaust you.

WHAT: You will be expected to manage patients clinical care at a top-notch, extremely busy, world-class office, as well as being responsible for growing and marketing the practice. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Executing all levels of patient care
  • Exceptional communication skills will be developed and implemented
  • Spearheading the day-to-day clinical experience until you own this leadership position, office systems & mindset.

WHEN: Right NOW! We are looking to hire the right person as soon as possible.

HOURS: Please note these are NOT typical 9:00-5:00 pm hours.

We finish at 1 pm on Fridays and no weekend work!!!

Yes, there is a lunch break

No travel or required hours on weekends. We do, however, occasionally travel to out-of-state seminars as a team throughout the year. OR if you schedule a networking event or marketing for the weekend.

  • Base salary, plus an achievable bonus structure. No salary cap here – earn as much as you want. +401K +Profit Sharing.
  • Required – DC degree – all boards passed.
  • My primary goals is to teach you the skills (mindset and systems) you will need to be wildly successful in practice.

If all of the above sounds exciting, we look forward to hearing from you.

***To be considered for this position, email resume.
Important: Copy and paste the following phrase into the subject line of your email to us “Associate Ready to Lead

Email to

What our customers are saying

Antaeus Gates
Antaeus Gates
15:49 13 Jul 22
Great team led by Dr. Shapiro. They greet you by name just like in Cheers. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff. They have your back (literally)!!!
Cathy Jordan
Cathy Jordan
18:44 11 Jul 22
I love my progress to good spine health! Thank you so much for sharing your all you do!☺️
Gabe Lembeck
Gabe Lembeck
23:12 28 Jun 22
Fantastic experience. Fixed my short-term pain and have gotten posture on the path to better health with their unique system.
Judith Nelson
Judith Nelson
19:30 23 May 22
Complete Spine Solutions changed my life. I went from being in pain 24-7, to having almost no pain. I first came to them about 2 years ago. At that time I was in so much pain I couldn’t do any exercise at all. I was barely making it through the day. Simple things like taking a shower were difficult. After just 2 months, I started noticing a weight decrease. I didn’t change anything about my diet or exercise, the chiropractor was the only change. I took that weight loss (which has continued), coupled with the fact I felt better and started exercising. I made the mistake of not going to them for most of 2021. I regret that a lot. But since I started back 2 months ago, I’ve felt even better than when they treated me last. The staff is super encouraging and understanding of your pain and limitations. They customize your treatment plan for your body. More importantly, monthly they do a check in or re-exam so they can further adjust your treatment plan as your body changes. This is not a place where they crack your back and send you home. Chiropractic Biophysics is a real science with peer reviewed research to back it up. I’m a person who is pretty analytical and also cynical. When I went to their workshop the first time, I had major reservations about starting. But I thought about it like this, ‘What do I have to lose? And what could I gain if I tried this?’ I’m glad I took that chance. I’m a completely different person than I was 2 years ago. I’m happier, healthier, and nearly pain free. I’m more confident in my body, which has helped my overall confidence both physically and mentally. They’ve nearly cured my digestive issues, I know that sounds weird but it’s true. Dr. Asli is always so positive and energetic. The staff make you feel like you matter, and are genuinely interested in your life. Thank you Dr. Shapiro, Dr. Asli, Arlene, Sarah, Jonathan, Nicholas, Abby and everyone else on the team for giving me my life back!
deborah igbalajobi
deborah igbalajobi
19:11 22 Apr 22
Incredibly nice chiropractor. Everyone there is so welcoming . They are in the business of helping you fix the problem not just manage pain! Definitely excited to see the progress I’ll have !
Laura Cape
Laura Cape
23:21 14 Apr 22
It is such a treasure to have found CSS this year. I have struggled with chronic pain, illness and disability for over 27 years and didn’t think I could ever get and relief. I have a long road ahead but I can actually feel like I am starting to move better. The most important thing is that the staff is so welcoming and supportive that I look forward to every appointment which is not how I feel about some of the other places I have been. On days that I am really struggling I walk in the door and feel cared for and happy and the sweet and hysterical staff often keep me distracted from my pain for awhile. They work together and they work hard for their patients.
Adrienne Buckmire
Adrienne Buckmire
17:03 11 Apr 22
CSS is an awesome place, associates and medical team are very professional and knowledgeable. I feel like I have a second family who wholeheartedly cares about my health. My health has improved tremendously! I would recommend CSS to everyone that I come in contact with. I am so happy that I have chosen CSS. Dr. Shapiro and his team are awesome!
Jodi Scott
Jodi Scott
16:18 05 Apr 22
These guys are consistently amazing with what they do. I was on the path to back surgery and now I’m not thanks to CSS!
Tayler Morgan
Tayler Morgan
16:51 28 Feb 22
Cannot recommend them enough!! If you are in pain from literally anything, see doctor Shapiro. The staff is incredible, well trained, and thoughtful. They work hard so you can feel better. I have seen other doctors and none compare.
Sharon Mitchell
Sharon Mitchell
00:43 25 Feb 22
I Love it so far I've only had 2 visits but those visits were awesome .The staff is so welcoming and pleasant , they are extremely helpful and explains all your treatments thoroughly, .I will continue to go to to hem u til I am fully healed.
Sofia Negron
Sofia Negron
16:48 23 Feb 22
Highly recommended for long term treatment and great results!
Mama Tweezy
Mama Tweezy
22:18 15 Feb 22
There service is amazing! I really love the treatment plans that they have.

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