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This may seem like a silly question, but it should come as no surprise that this question gets raised a lot. While the obvious answer to optimal weight loss is to eat healthy, low carbohydrate food while expending more energy/calories, we acknowledge that it isn’t a perfect world. In our fast-paced society, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, you will probably encounter scenarios where you can’t escape from fast food, especially if you have small children.

When we think fast food, we immediately think weight gain.

Could this be attributed to the hype around such movies as Fast Food Nation and Super Size Me?

It’s possible. The problem with taking this information at face value is that we are not doing enough research to understand underlying factors that are contributing to weight gain. For example, if you were to do a case study involving one person who eats fries, soda, and burgers from a fast food restaurant versus another individual who consumes water, salads, and lean protein sandwiches on multi-grain bread, you’d see an obvious discrepancy. The latter individual is certain to either maintain his or her weight or lose weight in comparison with the “junk food” eater…yet, they’re both eating fast food!

Are we condoning eating fast food as a means of diet?

Certainly not! The problem is not so much the type of food itself as the nutritional value of the food. Low cholesterol and low-fat diets can pose health risks such as depression and type II diabetes. There must be a happy balance in your diet that promotes the consumption of calorie-burning protein and some essential fats. When you ingest fast food, you are undoubtedly exposing yourself to large doses of sugar, salt, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, and additives. While you may be able to lose weight on a fast food diet, like the infamous Subway diet, are you really healthy? This is the question we should be asking! The man-made substances being added to our food put our bodies at huge risk for obesity, kidney disease, heart attacks, stroke, and more.

While it’s possible to carefully eat fast food and maintain your weight loss, it is not something you should include in your diet regimen. Instead, spend more time at home preparing healthy, non-processed, wholesome meals. Our Ideal Protein Nutrition & Weight Loss Method is a medically designed and structured weight loss program that can help you lose those unwanted pounds, especially if you feel you lack the discipline to attempt weight loss on your own.

This sensational method stabilizes your pancreas and blood sugar levels while burning fat and maintaining muscle and other lean tissue. As an added bonus, many dieters have had their high blood pressure, cholesterol and arthritis meds decreased or eliminated as a result of “resetting” their body through the Ideal Protein protocol. Again, the goal of any diet should not only be to lose pounds, but to do it in the healthiest way possible, as well as to keep the weight off.

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