No matter what industry if your employees are injured, sick, or sluggish, then overall business productivity decreases. Our chiropractic care team at CSS is dedicated to sharing the amazing benefits of spinal care to decrease workers comp claims and accidents. CSS offers health fairs and special events with on-site information and services such as:

• Chair massage
• Stress awareness survey
• Blood pressure test
• Digital postural screening
• Body composition analysis

Great For Workers in Offices, Warehouses, & Restaurants

Corporate Wellness Training is great for businesses that wish to increase productivity and avoid on-the-job injuries. Workplace injuries and accidents become more prevalent when employees suffer from health-related problems. Absenteeism can lead to team strain in which remaining staff pick up the slack for absentees. Employees who are trained to lift properly and be mindful while at work will stay optimally fit, stress free, and energized. Benefits of providing staff with CSS health education and basic ergonomics for offices or workplace environments include:

• Stretching techniques
• Proper nutrition for energy
• Optimal posture alignment
• Stress reduction techniques
• Proper lifting, sitting, & standing

Health Education Improves Work Environments In Georgia

At CSS we teach employees the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and empower patients to stay physically fit and work to the best of their abilities. Offices employees are just as susceptible as a manual labor employee and repetitive injury can lead to increased sick days. The pain caused by improper desks, chairs, and posture can lead to headaches, migraines, or acute aches. Unaddressed pain leads to chronic pain, which is the leading cause of degenerative diseases and employee absenteeism.

“Healthy Living” Employee Training In Brookhaven & Tucker

Our chiropractic staff at CSS is dedicated to providing Georgia’s workforce with the state-of-the-art medical therapies based on scientific studies and research. Call CSS (770-938-4606) to schedule a health education workshop at your next business meeting, health fair, or special event.

We’ve done Lunch and Learns at the following organizations:


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