Athletic Performance

To get the most out of each rep, set, CrossFit or other workout, your body needs to work efficiently, while using proper form to prevent injury. Most gym rats seem to be laser-focused on the form of the reps, but fail to consider their underlying structure, and the impact it has on vitality.

We all know that the foundation of strength and health in our body is our spine, the core. If that supportive structure is not sound, it can impact not only strength, but also pre-dispose you to soft tissue injury. What can be done to improve it, for higher performance and lower injury rate?

Reaching Your Potential

CrossFit and other workout methods train the body to function optimally and efficiently as a unit. The more effectively your body functions, the better your body performs. What controls all the functions of the body, including the muscles? Your nervous system.

When the nervous system is functioning optimally, it allows your muscles to perform at their best. Your body and nervous system comprise a complex, integrated system that instinctively repairs and adapts itself. When one area of your body becomes injured or shuts down, everything else compensates for that injury. These breakdowns make the body less efficient.

Your brain is the master controller for the entire body. The brain sends out signals via the nervous system. The bones of the spine, the vertebrae, protect our nerves and our spinal cord, but with training, trauma, gravity or other health-compromising activities, your spine can shift out of its normal position. This in turn puts stress on the spinal cord and the immediate surrounding nerves, and indirectly affects the muscles and organs down the line from that region. Research demonstrates that this added stress could cost your body efficiency, strength, endurance, reaction time, and less than optimal health.

Are you getting the most from your workouts? Are you getting the most power from your muscles? Imagine if you could be stronger, faster and more efficient!

Improving your spinal structure with Complete Spine Solutions can help you get so much more out of your Cross Fit, Cardio, or other personal training regimen. Would you like to:

  • improve reaction time?
  • restore muscle range of motion?
  • decrease pain and recovery time?
  • increase the amount of weight lifted and reps performed?
  • achieve greater symmetry in muscle build and performance?
  • heal from current injuries and prevent future ones?

Optimal Structure = Optimal Strength

If your structure is within the normal range, you have the best potential to perform at your competitive best. If the internal mechanics of your frame, spine and pelvis are off, this not only weakens your body, but increases the risk for abnormal wear of your joints. It also increases the likelihood of injury.

There is one safe, gold-standard for measuring body frame mechanics: standing radiographic studies. When taken and marked correctly by a biomechanical expert, these x-rays can assess premature degeneration. It also guides a biomechanical expert to design a personalized structural improvement protocol. This will slow or stop the degeneration process. This will help you enjoy “Less Pain, More Gain,” both in and out of your fitness routine.



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