If you’ve been diagnosed with a disease or suffer chronic pain, then diet and excess body fat may become a concern to address. There’s an ancient method of body “hacking” known as ketosis. Ketosis triggers the body’s survival instincts to only burn fat as fuel. With a nutritional coach lose upwards of 3 pounds a week and learn to keep your ideal size.  CSS’s total wellness body experts are dedicated to providing scientifically supported weight loss programs that match your tastes so you can enjoy losing weight.

Avoid Diseases With Personal Nutritional Counseling In Brookhaven & Tucker

If your doctor recommended dropping extra pounds to avoid future surgery, a customized diet is what you need. The keto diet is the #1 safest way to alleviate symptoms related to a poor diet. Patients who have greatly benefited from a low carb ketosis regimen and medical coach include those suffering:

• Auto-immune inflammation (leaky gut)
• Diabetes & Type 2 Diabetes
• Hip & low back pain
• Alzheimer’s, Dementia & Parkinson’s
• Hormone imbalances & more…

Lose Excess Weight, Feel Great, & Look Amazing

Our Nutritional Fat Loss programs at Brookhaven and Tucker are created to reset metabolism the natural way. Let CSS coaches design a meal plan to help you maintain a healthy weight to alleviate pain. With a CSS state-of-the-art digital body composition analysis we can help:

• Lower blood sugar
• Increase mental focus
• Reduce seizures
• Control cholesterol
• Maintain muscle mass & more…

Unlock Your Metabolic System & Heal Naturally

Weekly-one-on-one coaching can promote weight loss goals without excluding the gourmet foods you love. CSS’s Fat Loss program is scientifically designed to utilize fat as energy. The effect creates a balance and boosts your immune system for natural, non-invasive healing. At CSS we’ll design your customized meal plan and track your measurements as we go. Stop by our offices in Tucker or Brookhaven to find out how you can master your weight. With CSS you can reverse the onset of degenerative diseases and take back your health.

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