Learn about CSS’s Advanced CBP Care: Community Workshops

Complete Spine Solutions offers community workshops that are open to everyone within traveling distance of our two Atlanta-area locations. Specifically, CSS invites new and existing patients, family, friends, and anyone interested in learning to naturally avoid surgery, painkillers, and degenerative diseases.

Learn Daily Postural Habits & Exercises for Vitality

We’ll also teach you the extra steps and at-home care treatment therapies that can be done without a caregiver. As a result, athletes, as well as elderly patients, have benefited from advanced CBP under the care of Dr. David Shapiro (STUDY LINK: PD). Moreover, the techniques you will learn can change your life and help you to:

• Avoid pain, drugs, & surgery
• Exercise pain away at home
• Detox for weight control
• Decrease stress & improve sleep
• Increase range of motion & more…

A large number of colorful pills and capsules

Find Out How to Eradicate Residual Acute Pain

If you‘ve been interested in learning about advanced CSS’s CBP spinal corrective therapy, then RSVP for our next community workshop. To demonstrate, you and your guests will receive a free digital postural analysis to begin the journey to a better life.

RSVP For Our Next Class & Bring A Friend To Brookhaven or Tucker

The staff at CSS can teach you how to naturally heal from post-traumatic injuries, stave off degenerative diseases, and relieve the pain of an existing syndrome. Therefore, our resident community workshops are the culmination of over 25 years of chiropractic research and experience. In less than an hour, you can learn life-changing facts to help your body obtain daily peak performance.

Tucker Location:

Tuesday at 6:00PM
2347 Brockett Road,
Tucker, GA 30084

To RSVP, call: (770) 938-4606

Brookhaven Location

Wednesday at 6:00PM
4060 Peachtree Road, Suite J,
Atlanta, GA 30319

To RSVP, call: (404) POSTURE (767-8873)

Great Knowledge For At-Home Caregivers & Health Enthusiasts

In order to live an independent and pain-free life, you must take action. In other words, learn how the spinal experts at CSS can help relieve your discomfort. With this in mind, call our offices and RSVP a spot in our free community workshop to incorporate chiropractic methods into your daily routine.

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