Customized Orthotic Foot Lifts

Supercharge your natural ability to recover from muscle fatigue, tendon strain, skeletal conditions, or injury with chiropractic customized shoe orthotics. Store-bought shoe inserts only go so far in terms of pain relief. Worn out or ill fit arch supports can cause damage or cease to function as intended. Benefits of obtaining customized shoe orthotics from an advanced certified Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) practitioner at CSS include:

• Injury prevention
• Targeted pain relief
• Increased range of motion
• Realignment of legs & back
• Prevent muscle & tendon fatigue

Relieve Pain By Improving Gait & Posture

Avoid pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter painkillers by improving the most critical foundation to your body: the arches of your feet. For total arch support customized orthotic foot lifts are calibrated to your specific arch and also your spinal adjustment needs. Likewise, foot inserts are a great way to maintain a proper posture for those who have to stand long hours. Let the CBP doctors at CSS boost your body’s nervous system by correcting your stance. Furthermore, a good posture serves to protect your skeletal structure from the deformities that can result from improper rehabilitation. Our doctors provide the ultimate pain management care services in the medical field of spinal adjustment therapies.

Fight The Power Of Gravity With Science In Brookhaven & Tucker

At CSS we’re dedicated to providing information to help you achieve optimal health and total body wellness through science-based methods. For faster recovery or to fully benefit from physical therapy administered by our spine doctors, learn more about our foot orthotics consultation during your next visit. You can improve your quality of life and achieve the freedom to move with less pain.

Stretch Benefits of Chiropractic Care with Orthotics

Chiropractic orthotic shoe inserts are also just one of the many proactive secrets to aging well and increasing range of motion. Ask CSS in Brookhaven & Tucker Georgia for more information during your next visit.

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