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To get the most out of each rep, set, CrossFit or other workout, your body needs to work efficiently, while using proper form to prevent injury. Most gym rats seem to be laser-focused on the form of the reps, but fail to consider their underlying structure, and the impact it has on vitality.

We all know that the foundation of strength and health in our body is our spine, the core. If that supportive structure is not sound, it can impact not only strength, but also predispose you to soft tissue injury. What can be done to improve it, for higher performance and lower injury rate?

Consider seeing an Athletic Chiropractor

Reaching Your Potential

CrossFit and other workout methods train the body to function optimally and efficiently as a unit. The more effectively your body functions, the better your body performs. What controls all the functions of the body, including the muscles? Your nervous system.

When the nervous system is functioning optimally, it allows your muscles to perform at their best. Your body and nervous system comprise a complex, integrated system that instinctively repairs and adapts itself. When one area of your body becomes injured or shuts down, everything else compensates for that injury. These breakdowns make the body less efficient.

Are you getting the most from your workouts? Are you getting the most power from your muscles? Imagine if you could be stronger, faster and more efficient!

Improving your spinal structure with an Athletic Chiropractor can help you get so much more out of your Cross Fit, Cardio, or other personal training regimen.

Would you like to:

improve reaction time?

restore muscle range of motion?

decrease pain and recovery time?

increase the amount of weight lifted and reps performed?

achieve greater symmetry in muscle build and performance?

heal from current injuries and prevent future ones?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, let our experienced doctors trained in Chiropractic BioPhysics help you today!

What does an athletic chiropractor do?

An athletic chiropractor helps athletes of all kinds perform better, reduce injury risk, and aid in injury recovery…

Are chiropractors good for athletes?

Most all major sports teams have a “team chiropractor”.

Do sports teams use chiropractors?

All major sports teams have an athletic chiropractor or have one that they directly refer to.

Specialized Chiropractic Services

We treat a wide range of conditions, using highly effective approaches based on scientific research and over 25 years of practical experience.

What our customers are saying

Based on 487 reviews
deborah igbalajobi
deborah igbalajobi
19:11 22 Apr 22
Incredibly nice chiropractor. Everyone there is so welcoming . They are in the business of helping you fix the problem not just manage pain! Definitely excited to see the progress I’ll have !
Laura Cape
Laura Cape
23:21 14 Apr 22
It is such a treasure to have found CSS this year. I have struggled with chronic pain, illness and disability for over 27 years and didn’t think I could ever get and relief. I have a long road ahead but I can actually feel like I am starting to move better. The most important thing is that the staff is so welcoming and supportive that I look forward to every appointment which is not how I feel about some of the other places I have been. On days that I am really struggling I walk in the door and feel cared for and happy and the sweet and hysterical staff often keep me distracted from my pain for awhile. They work together and they work hard for their patients.
Adrienne Buckmire
Adrienne Buckmire
17:03 11 Apr 22
CSS is an awesome place, associates and medical team are very professional and knowledgeable. I feel like I have a second family who wholeheartedly cares about my health. My health has improved tremendously! I would recommend CSS to everyone that I come in contact with. I am so happy that I have chosen CSS. Dr. Shapiro and his team are awesome!
Jodi Scott
Jodi Scott
16:18 05 Apr 22
These guys are consistently amazing with what they do. I was on the path to back surgery and now I’m not thanks to CSS!
Caroline Camick
Caroline Camick
22:24 28 Mar 22
I’ve been a patient for 20 years, at CSS. I would never go to another chiropractor. Their techniques and approach are so advanced and like no other practice.
Austin Freeman
Austin Freeman
19:43 02 Mar 22
Excellent care and individualized recovery plans. I was experiencing chronic upper back and neck pain and within the first month it was drastically reduced. After two months it was almost gone entirely. Highly recommend!
Tayler Morgan
Tayler Morgan
18:07 01 Mar 22
Cannot recommended Complete Spine solutions enough. They offer care unlike any chiropractic you will find. They correct your spine rather than just “cracking” you and sending you on your way. The entire staff has been so well trained they make the entire process a breeze. Flexible appointment times. Dr Shapiro and Dr Asli are so kind and caring. Both treat you with the upmost care and individual attention. They make a point to remember your name and personality and cater to that.
Lindsey Campbell
Lindsey Campbell
16:37 01 Mar 22
Amazing service! I noticed a lot of imrpovement for my pain after one week of care for my three herniated disks.
Tayler Morgan
Tayler Morgan
16:51 28 Feb 22
Cannot recommend them enough!! If you are in pain from literally anything, see doctor Shapiro. The staff is incredible, well trained, and thoughtful. They work hard so you can feel better. I have seen other doctors and none compare.
Sharon Mitchell
Sharon Mitchell
00:43 25 Feb 22
I Love it so far I've only had 2 visits but those visits were awesome .The staff is so welcoming and pleasant , they are extremely helpful and explains all your treatments thoroughly, .I will continue to go to to hem u til I am fully healed.
Sofia Negron
Sofia Negron
16:48 23 Feb 22
Highly recommended for long term treatment and great results!
Jose Acosta
Jose Acosta
00:06 16 Feb 22
I’ve been going to CSS for about a month. It has been a pleasant experience from the beginning.They have a passionate team that loves people and make you feel welcomed.I can say that my back and entire body feel a lot better after only a month! Everything they do is trackable; they’re constantly explaining to me what is happening in my body.I appreciate how approachable the doctors are. Great service all around.

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