The Posture – Depression Link

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You can often tell someone is depressed just by looking at body language. A depressed person will likely hold the head forward and facing down; the upper back and shoulders will be rounded in. Over time, a depressed person’s spine will deform, bend and fail under the lack of muscle contraction and due to the pull of gravity. Internal organs get stressed and breathing is even compromised (try to take a deep breath in this body position!).

Unfortunately, this unhealthy body position cannot correct itself, even if/when emotional state improves. That’s where we come in. We work to improve spinal structure, without bracing or surgery, which not only leads to physical improvement, but oftentimes, an improvement in emotional state as well.

Let us show you how we are able to successfully accomplish life-changing, spinal structural improvement.

Are you sick & tired of living with pain and physical limitations?

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