Health Alert: The Dangers of TEXT NECK

What is it about modern communication between people that causes health issues? In the old days, communication was, in general, very healthy. Since the invention of the telephone in 1876, not only did we change the way we communicate, it has recently led to a new phenomenon, and the implication on our health is tragic. Smartphone usage is worldwide, and so is a new condition called “Text Neck”. Text Neck is the position we hold our head, neck, and body while we are using our smartphone for talking, texting, reading emails, watching YouTube videos and movies, and for just about every other thing that can now be done with these devices.

What Exactly Is Text (Tech) Neck?

Text Neck is a downward-angled head position where the neck is at a non-upright position for extended periods of time, reaching out in front of the body – think giraffe! This position causes the head to lean forward, and thus puts tremendous mechanical stresses on the body’s muscles, ligaments and spinal cord. Everyone is assuming this position these days for long stretches of time while texting, Facebooking or just glancing at the phone over and over again. Unfortunately, this new posture is incredibly unhealthy. Laying in bed or on a sofa with your head bent on pillows while using the smartphone only exacerbates the problem.


Text Neck often has no symptoms at the beginning. However, when symptoms do arise, it is often an indicator that postural changes have taken place. Please realize that there are consequences to the body. This body position can have permanent, deleterious effects. Regarding the neck, it causes major mechanical problems: disc compression, loss of curve as well as a forward head position. The effects can be permanent and can lead to degeneration (arthritis). This also leads to a shortening of the ligaments and muscle spasms of the neck and compromised breathing. The Text Neck position is linked to depression, low self-esteem, and disability.

This position can lead to not only pain but can also stretch the spinal cord. This stretch from the neck can extend as far down as the lower back. Your whole spine works as a unit. If one part is damaged or injured – like with Text Neck – the entire structure suffers. Thus, neck problems can impact your entire spine and therefore your overall health.

Prevention Is Key

Here are some tips on preventing this condition and its damaging effects on your health.  Extreme example, don’t text. The result might be a serious impact on your Facebook activity, angry family, and friends from your lack of responding to their texts, and a whole lot of being in the dark about what’s going on in the world.  Obviously, if this isn’t possible, try calling more often rather than texting and use a headset. In addition, use your voice recognition feature on your smartphone to text or email. This will save you from craning your neck; I find it to be much quicker than texting! Another practical idea is to simply hold your phone higher, at eye level. In addition, be aware of your overall posture and the strains on it – act to reduce those strains by repositioning.


When negative structural changes have already taken place, help is difficult to find to correct the problem. There are very few doctors of any kind, in the world, who have spent the hours in training, who keep up with the latest research in this specialized field, and who have equipped their offices with the proper tools necessary to make a permanent structural change.  This spinal/postural remodeling protocol achieves incredible, life-changing outcomes that are second to none. The only side effect is a younger, healthier spine that will last you a full lifetime, without breaking down.

Remember, prevention is better than having to treat an acquired problem. However, knowing that you are in the right place, having the correct treatment is priceless! I invite you in for a no obligation, FREE consultation with the doctor to discuss your specific situation. Call our Tucker or Brookhaven locations at 770-938-4606 to schedule your appointment time.


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