Did You Know?

Women get headaches 50% more often, for longer periods of time, and more severely than men. In addition, they are two-and-a-half times more likely to suffer from migraine headaches.

Headaches can be annoying, painful, and downright debilitating. Thus they can affect all aspects of life, including work, leisure activities, and, most importantly, relationships. Although somewhat common, this pain is not normal. It is your body’s warning sign that something is amiss and needs attention. Contrary to what your doctor might say, peer-reviewed, medical research shows most headaches originate in the neck.



Headache Posture

The Neck is the Source

Two common spinal conditions of the neck contribute to headaches, regardless of whether they are tension or migraine headaches. Both have mechanical origins. The first is hypolordosis. Hypolordosis is simply a loss of the normal neck curve in the spine. This often called a “military neck” because it is straight. Necks must be curved from the side. The second is forward head posture (FHP). This occurs when the head does not sit squarely over the shoulders. This puts significant pressure on the muscles, ligaments, discs, and spinal cord.


Neck Correction

Natural and painless correction of these structural problems are our clinical specialty. As a result, a majority of our patients report a decrease in or elimination of pain within days! This can be done without dangerous drugs or surgery following our chiropractic spinal corrective protocol.

Pain often gets in the way of reaching your health potential. To see if your headaches might be a result of poor, correctable spinal structure, call for a FREE consult. You can receive this either on the phone or at either of our two Atlanta metro locations: Tucker and Brookhaven. This phone to 770-938-4606 call could result in a potentially life-change.

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